The brief

  • Divná místa is a cross-faculty, student and staff project that draws on specialist knowledge of its parttakers to explore urban phenomena.
  • Students’ contributions span across all media and include sound recordings, various texts, photos, videos or period artefacts.
  • The complex of contributions charters a city and seeks unconventional connections. These connections should be vizualized throuhg an interactive map of “weird places”.
  • It is paramount to be able to orientate oneself (by keywords or neigbourhood names), navigation should however not be literal.

Problem #1


Each place is tagged (cemetery, factory, etc.) and marked by its city quarter.

Any change on page – such as opening a place or switching a tag – is reflected by a map. Users can see unusual relations between the places and pick a related place right from the map.

Everything is loaded by AJAX, so user flow through places is never interrupted. To make the flow intuitive, HTML5’s History API is used.

Every medium – videos, sound recordings, text articles, photo galleries – has its view tailored to provide best experience for the user. You can also sort contributions by their medium in the page navigation.

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