The brief

  • Approximately 50 concerts, domestic and foreign venues.
  • Extensive discography. Many recordings made in cooperation with world-known artists and orchestras.
  • A lot of secondary activities: Internship programme for vocal students, self-currated concert cycles, vocal workshops and more.
  • PFS is unique in Czech context – in terms of professionalism, orchestra size or history. This needs to be emphasised.
  • Social media of PFS creates a lot of traction. Marketing department does not have resources to transfer that to the website.

Problem #1


Concerts (link) can be sorted by their date or by abonent cycles. Detail of the concert (link) contains all relevant information (e.g. interactive map with the venue address).

Artist profiles (link) contain all relevant concerts, his/her/their biography and media materials.

All info is available both in English and Czech.

Problem #2


Current social media content (Facebook, Instagram) is automatically transferred to the website and (without any effort) creates a notion of actively maintained blog.

Press service (link) should respond to all needs of relevant media partners. I also established a feasible strategy of creating promo packs, tailored to everyday reality of PFS marketing department.

PFS sends newsletter monthly. It contains list of current events and, if needed, current marketing message that needs to be spread. PFS’s patrons are joined in PFS club.

Problem #3

Activities and reputation

About us” page (link) presents PFS as one of most important Czech musical bodies and informs about their activities (past and present).

Section “Choir´s activities” explains all PFS activities that go beyond concerts (so they demand specific audience). Repertoire and Cooperations show all important artistic partnerships. Section content is generated automatically by concert administration. Recordings show PFS’s discography, each of them has its own detail. History, a timeline, shows quick glance to PFS’s past.

Page anwsers speficic needs of content sections (be it a timeline, list of recordings or bios of choir members). I wanted it to stay flexible though, so there is also space for client to create new section, without my assistance, if the need arises.

Thank you!
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