The brief

  • Tvar is the most frequently published literary magazine in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its website should enable access to the content without imposing a direct competition to the printed version.
  • Due to specifics of editorial work there is only a part of the texts being digitalized.
  • Tvar aims to flexibly reflect the Czech literary scene through interviews, presentation of literary works or monitoring of events and networking.
  • Each year, there is an enormous quantity of text published in Tvar. Its digital archive should offer an easy way to navigate through them.
  • Tvar also publishes the Ravt internet revue which presents texts exclusively intended for the web.
  • The magazine offers various kinds of texts: reviews, fiction, interviews, essays or purely visual sections.
  • Each year Tvar awards the Tvárnice literary prize. Since voting takes place online as well, the desing should not be easily misused.

Problem #1

Paper vs. web

The web puts emphasis on printed issues and their ‘calls for action’ refer to the profile of the current issue (link). Following this link opens chief editor’s editorial with miniatures of important texts.

I have created an online subscription system for the web (link). For other possibilities how to acquire a printed copy one can use the online map of retailers. Printed issues can be ordered by post.

One of the challenges was the editing paradimg of Tvar. For technical reasons it is not possible to transfer all texts from each issue to the web. For this reason, the non-digitalized texts have a searchable entry in the archive ( keywords, author, personal data). A click on such entry leads the online subscribers to a downloadable PDF file.

Problem #2

Current affairs

Tvar magazine follows Cultural events (link) of the literary field in all major towns in Czechia. Events can be sorted by date, genre and place ( places are also viewable on a map). Notable events are highlighted regularly by an editor in the relevant section.

The Opportunities section (link) provides information about current  work, resident or grant offers relevant to Tvar’s readers.

An Internet revue Ravt (link) came online with the new web. This sections brings current texts from authors who react the Czech literary scene. Ravt has become the most read section of the website shortly after its launch.

Problem #3


The Archive (link) allows for searching in all types of text – digitalized and non-digitalized issue contents, events, opportunities or Ravt texts.

Texts are marked by various tags – i.e. author, personal data, keywords or genre ( relevant to cultural events mostly). Each tag has its own page with listings of all relevant content.

All issues – be they printed or web-only – are browseable in a calendar by the date of publishing.

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